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* Vingroup Overview

In 1993, a young man from Vietnam from Ukraine Pham Nhat Vuong grew into an instant noodle brand called Mivina, founded Vinpearl in Vietnam in 2001, and incorporating Vinpearl and Vincom in January 2012. With a long-term vision and sustainable development philosophy, Vingroup invests heavily in tourism and real estate. Strategic brands are Vinhomes, Vinpearl, Vincom and Vinmart.






* Subsidiary

Vinhome is Top Brands in Vietnam Real Estate Market

Vincommall One of Vietnam's department stores and upscale shopping centres. Vinpearl is a 5-star chain hotel and resort with a beach villa, amusement park, golf course, etc. VinMart Vietnam Mart is a chain of small marts located in apartment complexes and main streets. Vinmec Vietnam Hospital for Advanced Medical Services * Other: Vincom Retail (Trade Office), VinKC (Children's Goods Retail) Vincharm (Beauty and Health) Almaz (Food and International Event Center), Vineco

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