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Apartment  for Rental

Here are the main apartments in Hanoi.

Interpreters are available all times.

For more information, please contact the Seoul real estate online and offline.

Keang Nam A.P.T


​Number rooms: 3 + kitchen

Price: Available on request

Place : Near My Dinh Song Da

It is a famous apartment built by Keang Nam Corporation of Korea.

It is a high-rise building in Hanoi, composed of three buildings, a 72-complex (Keangnam 72) and two of  residential complex.
Keang nam is located near Korean Town, My dinh.
And it is the most preferred place for Korean.



​Number rooms: 3 + kitchen

Price: Available on request

Near Korean town Mydinh. 

* Underground levels: parking lot and machine room, Theater and restaurant, shop.

* 1st to 4th floors: Restaurant, hospital, office, swimming pool, fitness center.

5th ~ 30th floor: Apt., area

Home city


​APT., Room Type: 2 room, 3 room

Price: Available on request

The home city is located 10 minutes walk from Keangnam Landmark and 3 minutes by car. It is located between Korean Town My dinh and Trung hoa.

HyunDai Hillstate


​APT., Room Type: 2 room, 3 room​

Size: 91 , 66 m2  

Price: Available on request

Located in Hadong area, Hyundai Hillstate.

There is an outdoor swimming pool, children's playground and gym inside the apartment.


Royal City

​APT., Room Type: 1 room, 2 room, 3 room

Size: 66~181m2

Price: Available on request​

The Royal City was built by Vin Home, Vietnam's largest group.

One of the largest apartment complexes in Hanoi.

• Located in the basement of the apartment, Hanoi's largest mega mall has a shopping center, indoor ice rink, swimming pool, health club and bank.

• There are a variety of shops including Vin Mart, 

K-Marts and Vinmac hospitals.

Thang Long Number 1

​Number rooms:  3 bath room, 4 bath room

Size: 87~173 m2  

Price: Available on request

Located in Trung hoa area.


​Room type: studio, 1.5 room, 2 room, 3 room

Size: 40~113 m2

Price: Available on request

D'capital apartment located in the Trung Hoa area of ​​Hanoi.

Big C Mart is located at the across the main road, and it is close to the Grand Plaza.

Vincome Mall is located within the apartment.

Move-in : 2018

5 buildings, 40th floors

•Vincom Mall, CGV at the building C6-7

Outdoor swimming pool (2), indoor swimming pool (1)

Sunshine City Ciputra

Room type : 1 room, 2 room, 3 room, Duplex

Size: 50- 112 m2, 160-200 m2 (Duplex)

Price: Available on request


Sunshine City is located in Ciputra district of Hanoi.

This is the most recently moved apartment in the Ciputra area

Move-in start: 2020

40th floors,  6 buildings

1st to 3rd floor : shopping center

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools

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