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 * Shop and office

We will guide you to shop and office near Hanoi. 

Shop and office in Hanoi are usually rented villas or located on the first and second floors of apartments.

​- My dinh song da area

My-dinh Song da is one of the most densely populated Korean's areas of Hanoi.

We are currently happy to assist you with villas near Manor and My dinh song da.

Please contact us according to the type of industry you want, we will quickly guide you to the right place.


@ Shops, restaurants: Near My-dinh Song Da area, villa and Manor 1st floor mall recommended.

@ Office: Near My-dinh Song Da area,  Handico, Sdico, Keangnamnam landmark Recommended.

- Trung Hoa area
Near to Kim ma, Easy access to roads connected by expressways.

 @ Recommended for shops and restaurants: Villas near Trung Hoa road or 1st floor near 29T APT., Recommend

 @ Office: near 29T  or Le van luong

* If you want other place, we also have. Contact us please.

* Villa is usually minimum 2 years contract, 2-3 month deposit.

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