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  • Mipec Rubik (꺼우저이) | hanoi

    Metrix one (Before Golden palace 2) - Metrix one project. ​ • Location : Me Tri, Hanoi • Total area : 20 ha ( 14ha 공원 포함) • Main items of the project: 73 floor tower-new symbolic landmark of Hanoi and Vietnam. High rise apartments area: 2,700 apartments, 2 apartments of 44 floors. Shop house, officetel, trade center, park-scale theatre, other facilities. ​ Outstanding benefits of the project 1. 73-story landmark that will be the tallest building in Hanoi with 73 floors. The building is inspired by the iconic symbol of Vietnam, Lotus. ​ 2. Project with 14 hectares of green park (public park project of the city built by MIK): With a series of construction work, it is located in the most populated and prime location. 3. The project is included in the F1 race track and you can see the entire track. This is an absolute advantage for high end projects. * Utility around the apartment * Location map of the MRT around the apartment. * Information of 2 buildings scheduled for sale in October 2019. * Information of 2 buildings scheduled for sale in October 2019. * Information of 2 buildings scheduled for sale in October 2019.

  • Q&A | seoulbds

    Q&A ​ Looking for real estate in another country? Real estate trading in Vietnam is very meaningful. Vietnam's housing trading method is very different from other country, so it's a good idea to start with accurate information. Here are a few tips and precautions for dealing with real estate in Vietnam. Please contact Seoul Real Estate for more information. 01 Where is Seoul Real Estate located? Hanoi Seoul Real Estate is located in the My Dinh Song Da area of ​​Hanoi, Vietnam. 02 I don't speak Vietnamese. Wouldn't it be inconvenient to sign a contract? ​ It is not inconvenient. Staff are available to interpret Korean at all times. 03 I don't know what I need to do business in Vietnam. What should I do? The Hanoi Seoul Real Estate also work a consulting. Please contact us and we will respond sincerely. 04 Can I make a contract for sale online? Please contact kakaotalk, Line or WeChat in advance and we can answer whether or not it is for sale. However, even if the contract is cumbersome to visit, you will need to visit the office yourself. Wouldn't it be better to see it for yourself and decide? 05 I want to use my existing furniture and appliances. Is it possible? Yes you can. You can contract a no-option apartment. Seoul Real Estate stocks a wide range of properties from full to no options. Please tell us the options you need and we will try to match them as much as possible. 06 I want to buy or sell real estate in Vietnam, is it possible? Yes it is possible. Since 2015, foreigners can buy and sell real estate in Vietnam. However, a foreigner can use it for 50 years, not permanently, and can extend it once. However, foreign spouses married to Vietnamese can be permanently owned. The transfer income tax is 2% of the transfer value. 07 Can an individual own house? Yes, you can. The revised housing law in Vietnam stipulates that foreigners who have legally entered the country can be owned. In addition, it is stated that a corporation with an investment permit can also purchase a house.

  • Consulting | seoulbds

    ● Consulting We have been consulting in Hanoi and surrounding areas for many years. We take care of everything you need, such as establishment and relocation of a corporation, and investment in Hanoi. ​ We always provide convenience to our customers with a one-stop service. ​ For more details, please contact Seoul Real Estate in Hanoi, and we will guide you sincerely. ​ ​


    VINHOME SMART CITY (Formerly, VINCITY SPORTIA) ​ ​ ​ Name of Project: Vinhome Smart City (formerly Vincity Sportia) Business Implementation Company: Vingroup Business Contractor: COTECNS Address: Tay Mo -Dai Mo, Nam Tu Liem Site area: 280 Ha Number of apartment households: 45,000 households Detailed project plan: 58 apartments (35~39 floors), villas: 98 Apartment size: 35m2 ~ 90m2, 4 types ( studio, 1 room, 2 rooms, 3 rooms) Interior: All apartments provide only basic interiors (no air conditioning, kitchen, hot water heater, etc.), villas only have exterior finishes Additional facilities within the complex: Bean School, Bean Maek Hospital, Bean Mart, BBQ Garden, Indoor Swimming Pool, Outdoor Sports Facility, GYM, etc. Project start: July 2018 Scheduled for sale: December 2018 Project Completion: Q2 2020 In case of Vietnamese name, interim payment loan: 70% of the sale price, up to 35 years Ground Rail: 5, 6, 7, scheduled ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ * Model house 3D by room size -> Click on the room type you want to see to see the model house. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ For inquiries related to investment in Hanoi, please contact us below. Inquiries: Kim Eun-rye CEO 094 676 2255 KakaoTalk: seoulbds / WeChat: hanoi4989 Email: Address: Lo 58, TT4, My Dinh Song Da, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi studio 1Room+1wc 2Room+1wc 2Room+2wc 3Room+2wc For inquiries regarding investments around Hanoi, please contact us below^^ Inquiry number: Representative Kim Eun-rye 094 676 2255 KakaoTalk: seoulbds / WeChat: hanoi4989 email Address: Lo 58, TT4, My Dinh Song Da, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi

  • 하노이부동산투자 | Hanoi | 베트남투자정보 하노이서울부동산

    “We prioritize business stability and customer satisfaction wisely and comfortably.” Sale 123121 6 (1) KakaoTalk_20171220_113507654 123121 1/18 Rent Emerald Emerald APT., Sunshine Sunshine apt., Emerald2 My dinh emerald Apt., Emerald Emerald APT., 1/3

  • Star Lake City (Deawoo) | seoulbds

    ​Daewoo Star Lake City Star Lake City Korea Daewoo (Deawoo) held in Hanoi Star Lake City - Completed sale of foreign goods ​ A Korean construction company Apartment One of the most expensive places in Hanoi Scheduled to be held in Ho Tay (West Lake) Expected move-in: 2nd quarter of 2020 after Estimated selling price : 30- 36 million dong/m2 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Why Star Lake City? The villa is currently sold out. Plan to sell apartments in mid-2018 Star lake city is under development near the new administrative capital (diplomatic complex). A transportation hub through the new and old roads leading to Noi Bai Airport! Currently under construction, Subway Line 2 passes through the complex!! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ * Star Lake City Basic Information ​ project developer : THT Development Co.,ltd two ruler Company: Daewoo E&C Financing : KDB Bank stomach tooth : Xuan La Ward - Tay Ho District, Nghia Do Ward -Cau Giay District. prediction Height: 2 stories below the ground, 24 stories above the ground room dog Number: 2~4 count big Number: 603 households brother Tae: columnar complex ​ [Area for sale: 92㎡~288㎡] [Sales price: $3000/㎡ expected] ​ ​ ​ For inquiries about apartment sales in Hanoi, please contact Seoul Real Estate. ​ Inquiry Phone: Representative Kim Eun-rye 094 676 2255 / KakaoTalk: seoulbds / WeChat: hanoi4989 ​ Email: Address: Lo 58, TT4, My Dinh Song Da, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi 전체 그림21 그림10 전체 1/13

  • APT., INFORMATION | seoulbds

    ● Apartment-related information in Hanoi • Rental rate of return is around 5.5% base. • The lowest rent amount is currently set at $ 550, the highest rent amount set at 1600 $. (2 rooms, based on full option) But the price depends on apartment condition, location. ● Location of major apartments in Hanoi and the location of international schools. ● This is a good reference when choosing an apartment.

  • 하노이아파트 관련 소식 | seoulbds

    To see this working, head to your live site. All Posts My Posts 게시판 Sort by: Newest Follow All Categories Comments Views Recent Activity Item option menu 빈홈웨스트 포인트 관리비 납부 관련 Admin 0 0 Feb 06, 2021 임대시 계약관련 기본 사항 Admin 0 0 Feb 06, 2021 베트남 아파트 화재 보험 안내 Admin 0 0 Feb 06, 2021 하노이 전기세 납부 방법 안내 Admin 0 0 Feb 06, 2021 Forum - Frameless

  • 사무실 임대| 하노이 서울부동산

    Villa Sprendora ​Villa type: 123m2, 180m2 Price: Available on request Company registration available 10 min by a car from to my dinh area

  • 하노이 서울 부동

    Apartment for Rental Here are the main apartments in Hanoi. Interpreters are available all times. For more information, please contact the Seoul real estate online and offline. kungnam1 kungnam2 kungnam3 kungnam1 1/3 Keang Nam A.P.T ​Number rooms: 3 + kitchen Price: Available on request Place : Near My Dinh Song Da ​ It is a famous apartment built by Keang Nam Corporation of Korea. It is a high-rise building in Hanoi, composed of three buildings, a 72-complex (Keangnam 72) and two of residential complex. Keang nam is located near Korean Town, My dinh. And it is the most preferred place for Korean. golden1 golden2 golden3 golden1 1/3 Goldenpalace ​Number rooms: 3 + kitchen Price: Available on request ​ Near Korean town Mydinh. * Underground levels: parking lot and machine room, Theater and restaurant, shop. * 1st to 4th floors: Restaurant, hospital, office, swimming pool, fitness center. 5th ~ 30th floor: Apt., area Emerald 123121231231 KakaoTalk_20171220_113507654_edited Emerald 1/3 Home city ​APT., Room Type: 2 room, 3 room Price: Available on request ​ ​ The home city is located 10 minutes walk from Keangnam Landmark and 3 minutes by car. It is located between Korean Town My dinh and Trung hoa. ​ hyundai hundai hyundai 1/2 HyunDai Hillstate ​APT., Room Type: 2 room, 3 room​ Size: 91 , 66 m2 Price: Available on request ​ Located in Hadong area, Hyundai Hillstate. There is an outdoor swimming pool, children's playground and gym inside the apartment. 그림1 그림2 그림3 그림1 1/3 Royal City ​APT., Room Type: 1 room, 2 room, 3 room Size: 66~181m2 Price: Available on request​ ​ The Royal City was built by Vin Home, Vietnam's largest group. One of the largest apartment complexes in Hanoi. ​ • Located in the basement of the apartment, Hanoi's largest mega mall has a shopping center, indoor ice rink, swimming pool, health club and bank. • There are a variety of shops including Vin Mart, K-Marts and Vinmac hospitals. PC_ThangLongNo1 그림4 PC_ThangLongNo1 1/2 Thang Long Number 1 ​Number rooms: 3 bath room, 4 bath room Size: 87~173 m2 Price: Available on request ​ Located in Trung hoa area. d-capital-vinhomes-tran-duy-hung goc-view-6-du-an-dcapitale-tran-duy-hung mat-bang-dien-hinh-cac-toa-dcapitale-103 d-capital-vinhomes-tran-duy-hung 1/4 D'Capital ​Room type: studio, 1.5 room, 2 room, 3 room Size: 40~113 m2 Price: Available on request ​ D'capital apartment located in the Trung Hoa area of ​​Hanoi. Big C Mart is located at the across the main road, and it is close to the Grand Plaza. Vincome Mall is located within the apartment. ​ Move-in : 2018 5 buildings, 40th floors •Vincom Mall, CGV at the building C6-7 Outdoor swimming pool (2), indoor swimming pool (1) phoi-canh-goc-chung-cu-sunshine-city mo-ban-chung-cu-sunshine-city-ciputra-ta tien-ich-chung-cu-sunshine-city_(1) phoi-canh-goc-chung-cu-sunshine-city 1/3 Sunshine City Ciputra Room type : 1 room, 2 room, 3 room, Duplex Size: 50- 112 m2, 160-200 m2 (Duplex) Price: Available on request Sunshine City is located in Ciputra district of Hanoi. This is the most recently moved apartment in the Ciputra area ​ Move-in start: 2020 40th floors, 6 buildings 1st to 3rd floor : shopping center Outdoor and indoor swimming pools

  • Bacninh vinhomes | seoulbds

    ● empty home Bacninh - sold out Bac Ninh of Vinhome Group, which is newly selling in the Bac Ninh area. It is an apartment. Currently, there are many Korean companies and factory complexes in Bac Ninh. It is a good location in terms of rental income in the future as it is located near Shinhan Bank where expatriates form a town. ​ ---------- - - --------------- - - ------------ - - ------- ----- ♨ empty home Bac Ninh Overview ⭐ Investment company: Vingroup ⭐ Apartment building 2 buildings: CT-1,2 ( 31st floor ) ⭐Total 568 households ⭐ Total area 2.4 Ha ⭐ Room type: 1-3 rooms (46-96m2) ⭐ Entered Vincom Shopping Center (the first shopping center in Bac Ninh) ⭐ Vinmart ⭐Health and fitness center ⭐Delivery Period: Q3 2018 ⭐Full interior included. ​ * Cuevo Factory Complex : 5km * VSIP Factory Complex : 12Km * Tien Son Factory Complex: 8km *Hanoi Airport: 25km Vinmaek Hospital, Vin School, Vin Mart, etc. ​ - Location by room type 1 room : 2 types ( Lines 05 and 08 ) + Area: 46,21 m2 + Direction: Tây Nam ​ 1.5 Room: 2 types (Lines 02 and 11) ​ + Area: 53,0 7m2 + Direction: Đông Bắc ​ 2 Room : 6 types ​ + Area: 70,8m2 (Line No. 12), Northeast direction + Area: 72,28m2 (Line 01), northeast direction + Area: 77,67m2 (Line 07), South + Area: 77,88m2 (Line 06), South + Area: 78,68m2 (Lines 3 and 10, located at both ends), North + Northeast & Southeast + Northeast direction. ​ 3 Room type: Lines 04 and 09 + Diện tích 96,03 m2 + Hướng ban công: Tây Nam + Tây Bắc & Tây Nam + Đông Nam ➡ ​ **Sold out within 1 hour of the first sale ​ ☎ Hotline: 01236546263 vinhome-bac-ninh thiet-ke-vinhome-bac-ninh-toa-31-tang 1 vinhome-bac-ninh 1/3 thiet-ke-vinhome-bac-ninh-toa-31-tang thiet-ke-vinhome-bac-ninh-toa-31-tang 1/1 ​● Price Sale price: 29~34 million dong /m2

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