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Located in Hanoi, Vietnam, Seoul Real Estate is a real estate company located in the Korean town of Mydinh Songda in Hanoi. Emphasis is on Vietnam real estate investment, Hanoi real estate sales, apartment sales and apartment rentals.


 In 2012, we took our first step in My dinh, the current Korean town under the name of Seoul Real Estate. Headed by CEO Eun-Rye Kim, who has been in real estate in Hanoi since 2008, the company has many years of experience and know-how.

Moreover, our CEO Mrs. Kim is one of the few representatives of Korean real estate who have real estate certification in Vietnam. In particular, she is the only Korean real estate representative who speaks (reads and writes) almost completely Vietnamese.

 Hanoi Real Estate was the first company in Hanoi to provide Korean customers with customized services for industrial complexes and rental factories. In addition, we provide perfectly customized consulting services to customers with various needs, such as lease business sales projects and project land development.

 Hanoi Real Estate does not meet the demands of customers or sell for the sake of immediate benefit. This is because our customers' profits come back as ours. We're always trying to look at it from the customer's point of view.


 We are involved in a variety of areas related to real estate in Hanoi, including housing, apartments, shops, offices, factory sites, sales, and establishment of consulting firms.

Long-time and experienced executives from Vietnam and a wide range of staff who speak Korean, English and Vietnamese are waiting for you.

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