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 Looking for real estate in another country?

Real estate trading in Vietnam is very meaningful. Vietnam's housing trading method is very different from other country, so it's a good idea to start with accurate information.

Here are a few tips and precautions for dealing with real estate in Vietnam.

 Please contact Seoul Real Estate for more information.


Where is Seoul Real Estate located?
Hanoi Seoul Real Estate is located in the My Dinh Song Da area of ​​Hanoi, Vietnam.


I don't speak Vietnamese. Wouldn't it be inconvenient to sign a contract?

It is not inconvenient. Staff are available to interpret Korean at all times.


I don't know what I need to do business in Vietnam.
What should I do?

The Hanoi Seoul Real Estate also work a consulting. Please contact us and we will respond sincerely. 


Can I make a contract for sale online?

Please contact kakaotalk, Line or WeChat in advance and we can answer whether or not it is for sale.

 However, even if the contract is cumbersome to visit, you will need to visit the office yourself.

Wouldn't it be better to see it for yourself and decide?


I want to use my existing furniture and appliances.
Is it possible?

Yes you can. You can contract a no-option apartment. Seoul Real Estate stocks a wide range of properties from full to no options. Please tell us the options you need and we will try to match them as much as possible.


I want to buy or sell real estate in Vietnam, is it possible?

Yes it is possible. Since 2015, foreigners can buy and sell real estate in Vietnam.

However, a foreigner can use it for 50 years, not permanently, and can extend it once.

However, foreign spouses married to Vietnamese can be permanently owned.

The transfer income tax is 2% of the transfer value. 


Can an individual own house?

Yes, you can. The revised housing law in Vietnam stipulates that foreigners who have legally entered the country can be owned. In addition, it is stated that a corporation with an investment permit can also purchase a house.

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