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● Miding Emerald 

Introducing Miding Songda's latest project.
The heart of Koreatown!! Miding Songda!!

Near Garden Shopping Center!  Next to Vietnam's most prestigious marigouri!

Miding Songda Geumsaragi Apartment Introducing the Emerald Apartment.

emerald  Miding songda by Songda Group  CT8 project
Acquired by Vimedimex Pharmaceutical Group and launched as an advanced project by subsidiary Vime Fullan.

Let me give you a brief overview of the Emerald Meading Project!

Investor: Vimedimex Pharmaceutical Group (Founded in 1984)
Location: Located in Miding Songda, the center of Korea Town.
Infrastructure: As it is the center of Korea Town, it provides convenient infrastructure for Koreans such as Korean restaurants, K-MART, and hagwon in the vicinity, and it is located next to My Curie School (French branch), one of the international schools preferred by Vietnamese people,
Convenient facilities and infrastructure around the garden, such as a shopping center and a movie theater, have been established.
There is also a park-style garden and resort-grade swimming pool in the apartment.

Apartment size: 77m2~ 142m2 (2, 3, 4 rooms)
Sale price: 3,000~34 million dong/m2 ($1300~$1500/m2, including interior)

* Advantages when investing
Emerald Meading is a project that is suitable for both investment and real residence, if it is located in the second Korean town area (the most active place at present).
It is an area that will increase in value over time.

★ Payment method and advance payment discount information






For inquiries about apartment sales in Hanoi, please contact Seoul Real Estate.


Inquiry Phone:

Representative Kim Eun-rye 094 676 2255 /  KakaoTalk: seoulbds / WeChat: hanoi4989

Director Kim Kyung-deok 01662735292 / KakaoTalk: ggrimmviet / WeChat: vietnam4989


Address: Lo 58, TT4, My Dinh Song Da, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi

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