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◎ Vietnam Sales System

  ● Sold apartments only through real estate company, not developers


- Vietnam real estate law regulates direct sale of developers by law

-Do not sell sales directly from the developer of the apartment project.

-The person who guides the sale from the sales office or model house, such as real estate agent.

-Since the price is set directly by the developer, the amount cannot be different for each real estate company.

-The amount varies by location, direction and floor.


  Apartment Sale Procedure

   - Payment of 100 million VND for  pre-sale deposit through a agency real estate agency and confirm edits to the apartment.

(If the number of apartment that you want are not open, ask your agent for a temporary contract.)


  - A temporary contract (pre-sale agreement) will be completed by the developer's office within a few days of confirmed of the apartment.

(Mostly, if the apartment is the start of the formal sale, have a deposit invoice and sign a temporary contract on the same day.)


 - According to the payment schedule received after signing the provisional contract, deposit the middle payment into the bank account of the developer.


 - In accordance with Developer's notice, the main contract will be signed and paid 30% of the sale price.

(Vietnam law, if the  rate of construction progressed more than 30%, this contract can be prepared)


 - Up to 70% of the total price paid to the developer's bank account on a payment schedule. + 5% of the total price paid


 - A 25% balance be paid to the developer's bank account when the house is handed over from the developer.

 - Take over the house from the developer When the house is completed, and a notice date comes.

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