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Metrix one

(Before Golden palace 2)

Figure 1.png

- Metrix one project.

• Location : Me Tri, Hanoi

• Total area : 20 ha ( 14ha 공원 포함)

• Main items of the project:

73 floor tower-new symbolic landmark of Hanoi and Vietnam.

High rise apartments area: 2,700 apartments, 2 apartments of 44 floors.

Shop house, officetel, trade center, park-scale theatre, other facilities.

Outstanding benefits of the project


1. 73-story landmark that will be the tallest building in Hanoi with 73 floors. The building is inspired by the iconic symbol of Vietnam, Lotus.

2. Project with 14 hectares of green park (public park project of the city built by MIK): With a series of construction work, it is located in the most populated and prime location.


3. The project is included in the F1 race track and you can see the entire track. This is an absolute advantage for high end projects.

Figure 5.png

* Utility around the apartment 

Figure 14.png

* Location map of the MRT around the apartment.

Figure 13.png
Figure 9.png

* Information of 2 buildings scheduled for sale in October 2019.

Figure 2.png
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