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​Shifucha Sunshine City

The first smart home apartment in Hanoi


SUNSHINE CITY  parcel out


The first Smart Home apartment in Hanoi

5 star hotel interior

Luxury apartment in Hanoi's prosperous Xipucha New Town district

Expected move-in: from the 2nd quarter of 2019

price  :  30- 36 million dong/m2    

**  Alien Deadline!!





Smart Apartment Sunshine City


+  Hanoi first  Introduction of Smart Home system (power supply, cooking, air conditioning, laundry, refrigerator, etc.)  remote control)

+ For residents  all  remote control app installed  1 iPhone each  offer  (Everything can be controlled by mobile phone even from outside)

+  A smart card that integrates all functions available in Vietnam  apply

+ Introduction of the most intelligent smart parking system in Vietnam

+  Different  The actual area is 10-15% larger than that of the apartment

+ on each floor  There is a garden of 105㎡, so you can feel the coolness. 

+ Roof floor  all each other  connected  exercise department  You can enjoy walking.

+ As the tallest building in the west of Hanoi  on the 40th floor  good view  There is an upscale bar.

+ Optimal space by removing useless space  design realization

+ 5 swimming pools, jogging course, restaurant (International, Vietnam), department store-style shopping mall  Provide living infrastructure such as

+ Maple Bear, the best international kindergarten in Canada  Confirmed to enter, International School in Shifucha District  

+ International hospital and golf driving range

+ This is a good opportunity to purchase a luxury apartment at a low price.

+ Sunshine City is the first licensed HomeTel in Vietnam.

+ up to the high-end interior  Completed and sold (In most Vietnamese apartments, only the walls are provided, and the rest is up to the seller)




Sunshine City offers the best pride


➡  You can share the infrastructure of Xi Phu Cha New Town, Hanoi's most prosperous village.

➡  With a sale price of 33tr/m2, the price is lower than Ciputra, but it is a more luxurious apartment.

➡  About the first half of 2019  The price is expected to rise to 45tr/m2.

➡  The best of Hanoi

   It is expected that 60% of the complex will be inhabited by wealthy foreigners.

➡  Guaranteed high rental income  

   West Lake  Foreigners account for 70% of rental demand in the Tây ) district.  

   Apartment prices in this area are 1,900$ -  It is almost fixed at 2,500$/M2  there is  

   Rent is monthly  1.800$ – 3.500$ line.

➡  The safety of your investment is guaranteed as it is financially guaranteed by the bank.

➡  Samsung Bac Ninh is the closest Hanoi apartment to Hanoi International Airport, and it is highly likely to become Samsung Town.

About Sunshine City


1. Company information  :               Click here

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     Sales Policy:            Click here

Apartment project information:      Click here

Complex Layout:           Click here

3. Deposit Payment:             Click here

4. Contract form:             Click here

5. Layout diagram for each household:           Click here

6.  S1, S2 Building Information:           Click here

7. Projects in pictures:       Click here

8. Project related documents:          Click here

9. Full Project Guide:          Click here

10. 360 degree rotation video:          Click here

11. Management service information:          Click here

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Si Phu Cha New Town is one of Hanoi's most prosperous towns, where many of Vietnam's wealthy and expatriates live. Sunshine City, which is being newly built in the Xipucha New Town area, is a good apartment for sale for investment purposes such as owning or leasing real estate in Vietnam or Hanoi. 

With the introduction of a smart home system for the first time in Hanoi, the popularity of the apartment is soaring as it is a state-of-the-art apartment in which all functions in the house are controlled from the outside with a remote control or smartphone.

Recently, many people from China and Korea are coming to Hanoi to buy an apartment.

The amount that foreigners can purchase is running out in a short period of time.

If you are interested in selling an apartment in Hanoi,

Please consult with Seoul Real Estate, who is familiar with Vietnam real estate information.





For inquiries about apartment sales in Hanoi, please contact Seoul Real Estate.


Inquiry Phone:

Representative Kim Eun-rye 094 676 2255 /  KakaoTalk: seoulbds / WeChat: hanoi4989


Address: Lo 58, TT4, My Dinh Song Da, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi

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